TEMedic Aps

TEMedic Aps is pleased to give below some basic information about the service we are able to offer.

TEMedic Aps will be happy to consider the purchase of medical equipment such as CT and MRI Scanners, Ultrasound, X-ray rooms, linear accelerators and occasionally complete hospital installations.

As a speciality TEMedic Aps can supply, for outright purchase or lease, total medical facilities build into mobile units.

Over the years TEMedic Aps has built a reputation, in the medical world, for providing a cost effective, reliable and professional service.

TEMedic Aps has built a network of contacts throughout the world and we are pleased to assist medical professionals with equipment, pricing, information whenever possible and without obligation.
If therefore you are considering the disposal or acquisition of any type of medical equipment please do not hesitate to contact us for a friendly and professional discussion.

With the very best regards

Soren Norholt